Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer Bucket List {Printable}

Summer time is officially here.  Well ok, not officially until June 21st, but it feels like it and I go by the weather, not the actual date.  We don't have to get all technical and stuff now do we?
After all of the rain, chilly weather, tornadoes and severe weather that we have been having, we have finally warmed up for more that one day at a time and so I say summer is here!  I enjoy being outside and so does my baby girl and so I want to plan some fun things for us to do this summer.
Even though, I have not been able to do a lot of the things on my Spring Bucket List yet, I think it is time to go ahead and pull out my Summer Bucket List.  I really want to try and accomplish everything on this list with Miss Priss and take pictures so that I can put it into a scrapbook.
You might notice that I put 'take family pictures' on my Spring Bucket List as well...this is because I do love pictures and I really want to be able to take lots of family pictures.  I have kept saying this, but have yet to have any actual family pictures made yet!  (If anyone knows how to get a 16 month old to cooperate with pictures please let me know.)  I WILL attempt to get some family pictures made this summer!

The links above will take you to a printable PDF version of my Summer Bucket List.

I used the Sweet Shoppe Designs Bring On The Sunshine free scrapbooking kit download to design my bucket list.  You can download this kit for free personal use here:
Sweet Shoppe Designs Freebies

You can also check out my Spring Bucket List printable here.