Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Easy Rabbit Silhouette

Wow!  This has been a rough last couple of weeks for me!  I prepared for a baby, had a baby and am now am taking care of a baby in addition to my two-year-old.  During this time I didn't get to decorate for Easter like I had wanted to, but I did get to make a very simple Easter project that I had my mind set on before baby girl got here.
I have a ton of burlap left over from a previous project that I had done last fall and plenty of extra frames lying around that need to be used and so the bunny silhouette on burlap was created.
This doesn't have to be just for Easter though...without the colorful eggs that I put next to it, this cute bunny pic can be left on display for the entire Spring season.

Easy Rabbit Silhouette
You will need:
  • rabbit stencil or printout of your choice
  • black card stock
  • black frame
  • burlap (can be a scrap piece!)
  • white paint or pompom for rabbit tail
Start by cutting out the rabbit stencil or printout that you would like to use for your silhouette.  Lay it on top of the card stock and trace around the stencil.  I chose a rabbit on all four legs for a landscape oriented frame, but you could also chose a rabbit that stands upright for a portrait frame.
Cut out your rabbit and make sure that it fits inside your frame and looks the way that you want it to.  Mine was a little big so I went back and trimmed around the edges a bit to make it fit just right.
Cut the burlap to fit inside your frame.  Now, cutting burlap can be tricky so you must be careful to cut straight lines and follow them as close as you can or you will end up with an odd shaped piece of burlap that might not fit into your frame and if you don't have a lot of extra burlap, you might be disappointed.
Then put a few pieces of tape on the back of the rabbit to hold it in place on the burlap while you put it into the frame.
And here is what she should look like.  A simple rabbit silhouette on a burlap background for Easter and Spring!
If you want to add a little pizazz to your rabbit you could spring (pun intended) for a white or glitter pompom glued to the tail to make it stand out a little better.  

Remember to get a small pom pom that will fit under the glass and doesn't look squished if you decide that you want to do this.  Otherwise you are done. 

This takes less than a half hour to do if you have all the supplies readily available.  This would also make a great craft project for the little ones!