Saturday, September 22, 2012

Game Day!!

Today is Game Day and we (The University of Oklahoma) play Kansas State tonight!

I have not been able to find a game day outfit for Conlea that I really like and isn't outrageously priced.  And since she is growing so fast and I dont know how long she will be able to wear it anyway I decided to make her an outfit instead!

All You need it a little piece of felt, thick embroidery thread and a plain t-shirt or onesie.  It is hard to find crimson and cream colors in just any craft store and so I chose a black onsie because we all know how dirty a white one can get!  I also thought it might be neat to use white thread, but I already had some red and so this was the easiest and fastest choice for me. 

I looked up cute fonts online and then drew on the felt and cut out the letters last night.  This morning I pinned them on and sewed them by hand.  I debated using the sewing machine, but decided that might take away from the look I was trying to achieve.  The whole thing took less than hour, but I did have a few distractions.

When Miss Priss decides to wake up from her bear nap, I am going to try it on her and see how great it looks!!  I have a red and black tutu that will go perfect for a Game Day pic!


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