Monday, February 11, 2013

Valentine's Heart Art

Valentine's Day is almost here!  Only a few days away!

Although we don't usually make a 'real' big deal about this loveable holiday around my house, who doesn't enjoy a day all about love?  About hugs and kisses?  Hearts?  Infinite shades of pinks and reds?  A day all about admiration? 

Just thinking about Valentine's Day makes me smile and one of the things that I love most about holidays is decorating my what better time to do something that you love but for Valentine's Day.

I made these hugs and kisses blocks a while back and almost forgot about them!  I got them out this weekend and when I put them on my buffet in the living room, it just looked a little plain.  I wanted something else, something that jumped out at me when I looked across the living room.  I have lots of picture frames and so I decided to make something similar to an idea that I found online a few weeks ago.

Valentine's Heart Art
You will need:
  • old frame
  • pencil with eraser
  • white cardstock
  • scrap piece of paper or cardstock
  • colored Sharpies (or colored pencils, crayons, markers, lipstick)
Cut one piece of cardstock the right size to fit in your frame.  Fold the scrap piece of paper and cut out a heart that fits on the cardstock that you cut out for your frame.  Lay your heart on the cardstock to make sure that it is the right size.  You can continue to shape your heart until you have it the right size and shape that you want and that it fits on the caardstock that will be in the frame.
Lay the heart on the cardstock and trace around it lightly with a pencil.  Remove the heart and make sure that your outline is correctly placed in the center of the cardstock.  I then erased the pencil marking until it was just enough for me to see, but light enough to be covered when you begin coloring in your heart.

I used three different colored Sharpie markers...light pink, pink and red...alternating, to scribble inside the pencil outline of the heart.  You can use markers, crayons, colored pencils or even lipstick to create your art.  You can use a variety of colors, you can use shades or purples, blues, or whatever you would like.  This is your creation!

After you have created your art, snap it in your frame and don't forget to smile each time you see it!
This piece of artowrk can be altered for a baby room, bedroom, wedding decor, or other events in a variety of colors.  You can do a tree for Christmas, a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day...hey, that is an idea! 

There are many different ideas that can be created from this concept.  It was such an easy project, I have a feeling I will be using it again very soon!

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