Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Printables

Valentine's Day!  Valentine's Day! 

I had to get in just one more fun project before Valentine's Day actually got here!  As I have said before, I really enjoy printables...printables for home organization, grocery and to do lists, labels and holidays.  I especially like the ones for picture frames that I can swap in and out easily. 

Just print them on the printer and snap them into a frame.  When you are done, you can change it out with the next holiday or seasonal printable you want to display.  I also like printables with quotes and lyrics to some of my all-time favorite songs!

My first set of Valentine's Day printables are all about love...in pinks and reds and even purples.  Purple is my favorite color and so I always have to include it as well when I am creating printables!  The especially like the font on this one since it looks like it was handwritten, much like a love letter.  Aww...so sweet!

Who doesn't like Conversation Hearts?  I remember getting these as a kid...in my Valentine's box at school...and oh, they are so yummy too!  I still like them today...they are cute and fun and tasty all at the same time. 

Trying not to eat a lot of candy for V-Day...how about another way to bring Conversation Hearts back into your home for Valentine's...as a printable?  There are more than plenty of phrases and colors to choose from and more modern and tech savvy phrases have become available over the last several years, but I picked out a few colors and phrases that I like best and created some small printables from them.

Wouldn't these be cute in some small white picture frames?  Pick two or three of your favorites and make a collage of photo frames!  These would also make a cute little gift for your Valentine or that special person in your life.

Happy Valentine's Day!  Hope you have a wonderful day with someone special!

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