Sunday, May 26, 2013

Grocery List {Printable}

I live by lists!  I have already created and posted a few of the ones that I have made to keep myself organized, but none of them have been used as much as this one!  I can't go to the grocery store without a list...otherwise, I end up getting things that I don't need and not getting the things that I do need.  I am sure you know what I am talking about, as I think that most people find themselves in this same situation.
Each Sunday, I go to the grocery store and get the things that I need for dinner and lunch for the following week and anything other household items that I might need to restock.  I typically buy the same things over and over again and so my list ends up looking the same week after week.  I decided that it was silly for me to create the same list each week and wanted to make a checklist printable so that I can just check what items I need for the week and as I run out of things or if I think of something throughout the week I can just add it to my list. 
I have used this week after week since I created it and it has become a staple in my weekly routine.  I printed off a small version of this and put it in my planner so that it is with me always.
My list has things on it that I buy frequently so that I don't have to add the same things each week, but I wanted to make it useful for others as well and I realize that not everyone wants to buy what I like to get at the store and so I created a blank grocery list form that is editable in Abode so that you can create your own customizable grocery list.  You can save your list to print off again and again and can change your list as your eating habits change or as you get more familiar with the things that you buy most often.
The links below will allow you to download PDF files for printing and the blank forms can be edited to create your own personal lists and allow you to change, update and reprint your list in just a few minutes!
I used the Sahlin Studio This Carefree Day scrapbooking kit and Sweet Shoppe Designs A Spoonful of Sugar to design my grocery list printables. You can download these kits for free personal use here:
Here are the links to some of the other planning printables that I have created:



  1. I printed out a blank grocery list and used it to get my things for my Memorial day cookout. I had no reason to run back to the store because I was able to get everything I needed with this detailed lists. Thanks for sharing! Gina

    1. Great! So glad you could use it!