Saturday, October 6, 2012

BOO!!! {Halloween Blocks}

I copied this project from an idea on Pinterest, just changed mine up a little bit.  If you like fast and easy crafts that look like you bought them at a retail store, then this is for YOU!

You will need:
  • 2 x 4 wood strips cut in 4", 5" and 6" heights (you can also make them bigger by choosing 2 x 6 wood strips instead)
  • scrapbook paper and letters or printed image from computer
  • sandpaper
  • black paint or spray paint
  • black ink pad and paper towel
  • ribbon
  • Modpodge and brush (I like the foam ones for this!)
After you have cut your blocks and measured the face of each one, create letters for each block.  I used digital scrapbook paper and printed the letters to fit my blocks. 

Paint your blocks with black paint...I prefer spray paint because it is easy, though I did have to go over it twice to get it dark enough.  It doesn't have to be perfect because you want it to have an antiqued look anyway, which you will achieve by using the sandpaper on the corners of the blocks after the paint has dried.

While your blocks are drying, ink the edges of your scrapbook paper using a paper towel dabbed in the black ink pad and rubbed along the edges.  This part also doesn't have to be perfect. 
Once your blocks and letters are ready for for the letter, paint Modpodge on the front of the block where you want the scrapbook paper and rub from the center out to the edges to attach it to the block.  I like to Modpodge over the letters to seal them as well, but you don't have to.  I think that it gives it a more finished look.
After your block has dried, cut a piece of ribbon long enough to go around each block.  Make sure that you leave enough on the ends to tie a little knot and still have some ribbon left. 

Click here to see the one that I used to model my own project.  Mine is a little smaller so that it doesn't take up so much room and and has some different designs, but they are both super cute!  If you start now, you will have plenty of time to finish these before Halloween...

I am already thinking of other blocks that I would like to make using the same concept!

Check out my other blocks here.

~ Candace

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