Friday, March 29, 2013

Goldfish Carrot {Easter Treat}

We all have those times that we need to make something cute fast for a school party, a family get together or a church event.  Well, that was me on Wednesday this week when I received a phone call from my hubby while on a work trip in North Dakota (not especially close to my home in Oklahoma) asking me what we should sign up for to bring to the Easter party on Friday.  And I wasn't even coming home until Thursday night...yikes! 
This was also Miss Priss' first Easter party and so I wanted to make sure that we did our part to make it special...even it if was me and dad that were going to be the ones to remember this special day!
I wanted it to be something special for Easter and something that wasn't all sugar.  I figured that someone would be bringing cupcakes and other sweets and I wanted to do something just a little different.  These are one-year-olds too, by the way.
I did my usual searching on the internet and decided on two things that are easy to make and don't take a lot of time either.  I had already helped my mom plan for something similar for her church and so I thought I could handle this fairly quickly...and there are only ten kids in the class and so that made this even easier to pick something cute and creative without running out of time.
If you are still trying to think of something quick for Easter Sunday, here are two great, quick and easy ideas for you.  Most of what you will need can be found in your pantry or home already and the rest can be easily improvised from other items or picked up at a local store.
Goldfish Carrot Easter Treat
You will need:
  • Goldfish crackers
  • icing decorating bags
  • ribbon & scissors
  • green tissue paper 
Start by filling your pastry bags a little more than half way with Goldfish crackers.  You may need to strategically place the first one in there and make sure that you get it down into the bottom of the bag before filling the bag the rest of the way up.
When you have determined how many bags you are going to fill you can then cut the 'stem' of your bags, which I did from tissue paper.  You can skip this step and use a green ribbon on the steps below or green pipe cleaners, but I only had white ribbon on hand and I had a few recycled sheets of green tissue paper so this was the easiest option for me.  I was originally going to just use the ribbon and then came up with this afterwards.
Cut the tissue into a few small squares that fit into the size decorating bags that you are using.  I cut the first one as a long piece and folded it in half to give it a fuller look and then I used that one as a template to cut the rest of my tissue the same size.  You can see too that I used different colors of green...not that I particularly wanted to do that, but I ran out of dark green tissue paper and the light green was my next best color. :)
 I then bunched up the top of the bag and placed the green tissue paper in the top.  I had my husband hold it for me so that I could get my ribbon tied on tightly.
And that is it!  I arranged them into the Easter basket Miss Priss was taking to school which made a cute little party decoration too by the way!  Since there were several snacks there and these are such young kids, I just put one in each of the kiddos cubbys to take home with them.  That was more perfect that I thought it was going to be!
I am glad that I was able to come up with this idea so quickly.  I had planned to create some little tags to go with them, but got busy and ran out of time, so this will have to do for this year.
You still have a few days to go out and get some supplies if you want to make this quick and easy Easter treat!  Enjoy!

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